VueSelect: Accessible Vue.js component

VueSelect HTML provides a variety of input elements. <select> allows users to select one of many options. Accessibility tools like screen readers readily recognize these "native" input elements. However the downside of these elements is they are not fully customizable across browsers and platforms. Not being able to customize will be a problem if one … Continue reading VueSelect: Accessible Vue.js component

Pychain: Blockchain in 200 lines of Python

Since in the introduction of Bitcoin and the explosion of crypto currencies has created quite a lot of attention around the concept of Blockchain. In this post I will try to explain the concept by implementing Pychain, a toy Blockchain, in about 200 lines of Python. What is Blockchain? Wikipedia defines Blockchain as A blockchain, … Continue reading Pychain: Blockchain in 200 lines of Python

Hello, World!

I'm Shivakumar. I am a Software Developer since 2005 (at least professionally). It all began when I tried to teach myself C++ programming by reading a book, which I gave up pretty quickly. After on I went to get my degree in Information Science in 2005. Since then I have been a developer. For the … Continue reading Hello, World!