Hello, World!

I’m Shivakumar. I am a Software Developer since 2005 (at least professionally). It all began when I tried to teach myself C++ programming by reading a book, which I gave up pretty quickly. After on I went to get my degree in Information Science in 2005. Since then I have been a developer.

For the most part of my professional career till now, I was a backend developer and mostly wrote code using Java. About 3 years ago I got a chance to develop some UI and since then I have been working on the “Full-stack”.

Why is it called dev random?

In Unix like operating systems /dev/random is a special device that serve as pseudo-random number generator. As to why this blog is called, devrandom, well because I am a  “dev”eloper and random, because that is all I could think off. Plus the domain was available.

What do I plan to achieve?

This blog would be a place for me to document my past experiences and new learning. Also a way to improve my communication.

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